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Conference Agenda

Take a look at what is planned for WDW this March. With four tracks over two days followed by a full day of workshops delivered by some of the best in the industry, there's plenty to choose from as you plan your time in San Francisco.

Conference Day 1 — March 26
9 a.m. Keynote: The Web in 2007: A Blurry Snapshot
10:15 a.m. Ajax Frameworks and Design Patterns Survey
11:30 a.m. Designing for Conversion: Turning Browsers into Buyers Yahoo! vs Yahoo!: Case Studies of Three Mainstream, Large-Scale Ajax/DHTML Implementations
2 p.m. Turning Mashups Into Money CSS Mastery: Part I
3:15 p.m. Getting Found: Search Engine Optimization Strategies CSS Mastery: Part II
4:30 p.m. CSS Mastery: Part III — The Wonderful World of Bugs
6-8 p.m. Welcome Reception
Sponsored by Adobe
Conference Day 2 — March 27
9 a.m. Keynote: The Dawning of the Age of Experience
10:15 a.m. Cooking with Rails: A Survey of the Rails Framework for Web Designers Making Web 2.0 Usable:
An Ajax Case Study
11:30 a.m. Dynamic User Interfaces with CSS, JavaScript and the DOM Principles of Social Design
2 p.m. XML in 2007: A Survey of Tools, Technologies, and Strategies Let the People Speak: How Users Are Changing the Web
3:15 p.m. Experiences with Accessibility in DHTML, Ajax and Rich Internet Applications
4:30 p.m. Deconstructing... You!
Post-Conference Workshops — March 28
9 a.m. Flash Video Photoshop & Web Graphics
2 p.m. Designing Content-Rich Sites Photoshop CS3 Bootcamp
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This was my first Web conference and it was AWESOME!
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